Introductory Notes

How to Use Balthisar’s Guide

I highly recommend that you read through this documentation before you begin any work. As you do so, try to follow along mentally, even if the details do not make any sense. Don’t worry if anything is incomprehensible; it will generally become clearer as you put what you read into practice. By reading ahead first, you should be able to gain an understanding of what you would be trying to accomplish in any one task, that is, how the current step relates to the next step.

Don’t be afraid! You will certainly be doing things to your computer that are not very “Macintosh-like,” and you will be accomplishing these tasks in a non-Macintosh-like way. Complete beginners have successfully gotten their network printers to work following previous versions of this document. You’re at least slightly better than they are, aren’t you?

New! Now that this document has increasingly supported more and more scenarios of printing, it’s been improved for clarity. Up until now, providing support for one technology – say SMB printing – had confused the issue of supporting another technology. Now the guide is logically divided into printing “scenarios” that will lead you step by step through the procedures that apply only to your desired setup. Granted, some of the procedures are duplicated between scenarios, and hence references to other scenarios will be made, but all in all, things should be a lot less confused. Soon, you will choose and use a printing scenario for your specific case.

Good luck!