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HP Goodies for the 970

With the current release of this guide, my own HP DeskJet 970 is a better-supported printer. Using the –s DEVICE=cdj970, I have support for the following new parameters in GhostScript:

  • -dQuality= where -1 is draft mode, -2 is normal mode, and 1 is presentation mode.
  • -dPapertype= where 0 is plain paper, 1 is bond, 2 is special, 3 is glossy, and 4 is transparency.
  • -dDuplex= where 0 is non-duplex, 1 is block duplex, and 2 is book duplex.

These are known to work with other HP printer drivers as well. You can find out if your own HP printer works with these parameters at the very helpful website.