Getting Down to Business

Install GhostScript

File Needed! In this step, you’ll need to download Ghostscript and then unstuff it in a location that’s known and accessible to you. You’ll be using it very shortly, below.

Note: I’m no longer hosting Ghostscript, which means it’s now up to you, dear reader, to scour the web for a Mac OS X version of Ghostscript. You may start the search at, or use your favorite search engine. Sorry for the inconvenience. The rest of this section will continue as historically. However keep in mind that installation instructions may be different for your distribution of Ghostscript.

Next, we want to install GhostScript, which is the Unix program responsible for translating Postscript code (which we’ll generate later) into whatever language it is that your printer uses.

If you already have GhostScript installed, then feel free to skip this step. Later, though, you’re going to need to know where GhostScript is installed if it’s not in the default location. Also be aware that the GhostScript that you already have installed may not have been compiled with support for extra printers or gimp-print (high-quality) drivers.

When you’ve downloaded the file and unstuffed it, you’ll notice that it’s an Installer package, and when you open it, it should open in the Mac OS X Installer application. Once you’ve verified your administrator password, go ahead and install it will all of the defaults, ensuring that it will be installed on your Mac OS X operating system (boot) partition. That’s it.