Balthisar’s Guide

to Non-Supported Mac OS X Printing

version 2002-August-15 (v4.3)

©2002 by Jim Derry

The information in this document is provided freely for the benefit of the entire Macintosh community, but this is a copyrighted work. This means that you’re free to share, reproduce, and redistribute this work, but you may not take credit for the work. Additionally, all trademarks, acknowledged or otherwise, are the property of the respective trademark owners.

Welcome to the current, last version of Balthisar’s Guide. This page serves as the entry-point to the online documentation, and is the place you should look for the newest news regarding the site. I’ll put them in note form when something has changed.

Note: this guide is no longer being developed. If you’re still straggling along with a Mac OS X system prior to Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2), then you should be able to find everything you need to know here. Jaguar and later users have no requirement for this guide, and if there is a requirement, I strongly urge these users to look elsewhere. The Jaguar and later printing system is vastly different from the system described in this document, and you could permanently ruin it.

Note: Because of the end-of-life of this guide, none of the third-party files are no longer being hosted on this site. References to these files have been made when possible.

I wish to thank everyone who’s contributed information, and I appreciate all of the words of support and encouragement and thanks that the Mac community at large has given me.

Enjoy, read through everything here, try it out, and may your printers work for you!

Jim Derry • 15-August-2002