Advanced Topics

Additional Printer Drivers

If you use the recommended distribution of GhostScript, AFL-GhostScript 6.50.5, you’ll have support for all of the following printers, including those separately-but-integratedly supported by gimp-print and Uniprint.

The following table shows all of the supported -sDEVICE= types that the recommended GhostScript installation should put on your system. Note that not all devices are printers, since GhostScript is not merely a printer driver. Clicking on the device type will open a new window with an explanation of what that device type is for, courtesy of

Note: In order to eliminate link rot, I’ve removed the table of drivers. For a complete, maintained list of drivers, please refer to

To view the built-in, “native” drivers that GhostScript supports, do…

gs –h

…in the terminal. This will provide a list of -sDEVICE= types that are installed on your system.

Many of these printers have added, special GhostScript parameters that you won’t find in man gs. Luckily there’s a just-about-complete reference to all of these devices at As an added benefit, this site will tell you which GhostScript - sDEVICE= to use for your printer.