End Notes

Document History

23-April-2013 “YA Not a New Release Release.”
No content changes. Refactored the entire document display system in order to implement a new multipage static controller in CakePHP.
22-March-2013 “Another Not a New Release Release.”
Some minor work to fit the site redesign.
18-November-2007 “Not a New Release Release.”
Transitioned the Guide from the two-generations old website format to the new website format. This chiefly consisted of making the pages mostly proper XHTML/CSS. Some various cleanup was performed, notes added, and some other non-substantive changes.
01-January-2002 Third Release
Added some new information, particularly an even-easier (and more full-featured) install of GhostScript.Did some re-ordering of topics, and added more information.Also, converted from Office 2001 and Distiller to Office X and the built-in PDF functions (let me know if the PDF quality isn’t as good as it should be).
29-November-2001 Second Release
Added some new information, particularly a non-DevTools install of GhostScript. Swayed users capable of doing so towards using AppleTalk instead of TCP/IP.
19-October-2001 Initial Release
Initial release.