End Notes


Thanks are deserved by and given to everybody who’s helped me get this working on Apple’s Support Discussions. In particular, Jason Vetter is the first (to my knowledge) who discovered the LPRIOM.plugin got broken by the update to Mac OS X 10.1, and to Alex Levine, who’s excellent OSX-GS-Print-Filter-Hack (for OS X server) was the basis for most of what you see here. And of course, the people who contribute to GhostScript made everything possible in the first place.

Thanks to Kristofer Widholm for posting his “Setting up your AXIS 1440 with Mac OS X” at http://www.brokenhill.net/webpharmacy/technotes/axis1440setup.php. If you’re going to be using an Axis printer server or an Epson printer, it’s worth it to check out the work he’s done.

New! Thanks to Chris Roberts at http://www.osxgnu.org for porting the AFL-GhostScript 6.50.5 to Mac OS X. Unlike the previous version of GhostScript used in this guide, Chris’ port installs via the familiar Mac OS X Installer application. Even more exciting is its built-in support for many more printers, and high-quality printing via gimp-print.