Advanced Topics

gimp-print Drivers

People seem to say that gimp-print is the best driver to use as far as quality is concerned.

It’s invoked by using -sDEVICE=stp, and adding some new parameters to your GhostScript execution line:

  • -sModel= where you need to provide a supported printer model-string the supports you printer model. See the file /usr/local/share/ghostscript/6.50/gimp-print/README.
  • -sQuality= where you need to provide a supported quality-string, based on the supported printer model. See /usr/local/share/ghostscript/6.50/gimp-print/README.

There are also a good variety of other parameters to specify ink-types, dithering, gamma-control, and paper trays. Again, please refer to the complete documentation in /usr/local/share/ghostscript/6.50/gimp-print/README.

Note: because the README file is a pure Unix file without a file extension and no type/creator code, you can’t double-click it to open it. You can open your preferred text editor and drag the file to your dock icon if you want. Or, just use pico now that you’re accustomed to it.