Updates 2: Manuals Available, Site Changes, Chinese Holiday

I’m happy to have had time to take advantage of the Chinese National Day Holiday in order to make some updates to the website that have been some time coming. Although the National Day is only a single day (01-October), the holiday itself is seven days long. Five days, if you subtract the weekend. Or, really, three days if you subtract the “make up days” that everyone is expected to work. For my company, this means working one Sunday at the end of September as well as this upcoming Saturday.

Site Changes

I’ve made several visual upgrades to the site which maintaining pretty much all of the basic structure and navigation. I think this has removed some of the staleness and now it looks a bit more modern. It’s certainly bolder and the use of more color draws attention to which I think are the right spots.

Navigation between blog posts in now much more obvious while retaining a clear delineation between major categories. The classic menu-based navigation is still present, of course, but on desktop direct links are in the right margin, and at the bottom of the page for mobile.

This direct navigation also is being used on Software and Software Products’ pages to better direct people to relevant blog articles.

Manuals Online

I’m also happy to announce that I put Balthisar Tidy’s product manuals online. There’s no direct navigation to them, but there are links in Balthisar Tidy’s product description pages. Or you can look at the the sitemap.xml. Or simply go here /manuals.

If you’re still debating to download Balthisar Tidy from the website versus the App Store, or if you’re in doubt about the few dollars that Balthisar Tidy for Work might set you back, you can find all of the small and large differences in the manual. Or take a look at the new product comparison chart on Balthisar Tidy’s homepage.

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