Balthisar Tidy 4.3.0 and More are on the Way

I’m sorry it’s been more than a year since my last post or any sign of an update. Life’s been busy with a one and half year old (then), and is still busy with a three year old (today). Balthisar Tidy’s first Git commit makes it old enough to drink in almost any country that’s not the United States, so do the math on how full of life I am right now!

Enough burying the lede… Balthisar Tidy 4.3.0 will be with us before the end of May, and while it will be very familiar, it will have some awesome changes.

  • Apple Silicon native, including an Apple Silicon Native Java Runtime Engine (JRE) to support the W3C validator.
  • Some slight visual refreshments.
  • The latest version of HTML Tidy.
  • The latest version of the Nu HTML Validator (the W3C's official validator).

The biggest news, and one that’s likely going to cause confusion, is some branding changes. Balthisar Tidy for Work simply becomes Balthisar Tidy. Balthisar Tidy Classic (which was previously Balthisar Tidy until the last release) will be discontinued completely. The end result is that if you get your copy of Balthisar Tidy from the App Store, there’s now only a single version.

Oh, and it’s still free. And if you’ve paid for the for Work version, you still get to keep all of the extra features that you’ve paid for. No one loses in this change.

Why am I doing this? Apple is really pushing hard for developers to migrate away from free and paid versions, and transition instead to in-app purchases. Submitting version 4.2.0 was irritating for this reason, and is the direct cause of the previous change to Balthisar Tidy Classic.

In the meantime, now you know that I'm still alive and that Balthisar Tidy hasn't disappeared into the void, feel free to check out the existing versions of what I have to offer:

And stay tuned in the next few weeks as I document my travails with hardened runtime, running the JRE on Apple Silicon, the broken Action Extension ecosphere, and more.

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