Balthisar Tidy 4.3.0 Partially Available

Balthisar Tidy and Balthisar Tidy Classic versions 4.3.0 are now available. Grab your copy at the source of your choice:

As always, the complete change log is available here, but highlights include:

  • Balthisar Tidy from the Mac App Store is now known as Balthisar Tidy Classic.
  • Balthisar Tidy for Work is now simply known as Balthisar Tidy.
  • Apple Silicon support. Oh, and that includes the Java Environment being native, too.
  • New icons and visual tweaks that are more consistent with macOS 11.
  • Updated to the current HTML Tidy version 5.7.47.
  • Updated to the latest and greatest Nu Validator, version 21.05.16.

Balthisar Tidy from the Mac App Store is still hanging around in Apple's review process. I'm not sure what the holdup is; Balthisar Tidy Classic was in “in review” on May 16th but not approved until June 9th. Because of the juggling of the name changes, Balthisar Tidy was submitted on June 9th, and still not available as of the publication date of this article. I’ll keep you posted.

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