Balthisar Tidy 4.2.0 Now Available

Balthisar Tidy and Balthisar Tidy for Work versions 4.2.0 are now available. Grab your copy at the source of your choice:

As always, the complete change log is available here, but this version mostly fixes the broken System Services introduced in the previous release. You also get the latest and greatest Nu Validator, and for the App Store version of Balthisar Tidy, you get a new icon!

I have to apologize for the length of time this bug fix took. Apple are being stricter about multiple applications on the App Store, and their automated detection algorithms originally flagged me as committing fraud, because they now regard applications with a shared icon as some form of spam. One formal investigation by Apple later, and now I know that I need a different icon. A couple of lengthy discussions later on what constitutes a different icon, here were are.


I'll have a blog post soon to address this concern, but for the time being, if you are a Balthisar Tidy user (not for Work) from the App Store, then welcome to Balthisar Tidy Classic!

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