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Balthisar Tidy 1.1.0 now in the App Store; our commitment

Apple has posted the 1.1.0 update to Balthisar Tidy in the App Store. If you’re using the App Store Version of Balthisar Tidy you should receive a software update notification soon. If you’re not using Balthisar Tidy yet Get it now from the App Store or download it from its home page here.

I’m not sure who user mwpdx but he or she left a product review with a couple of comments that stuck out (emphasis mine):

A drawback that will hinder some is that it appears to enforce an html file extension, so won’t open xml or other files. It would be useful to have the ability to hide the options and messages panes to maximize screen real estate for input/output review. Also, it would benefit keyboard-centric users to have keyboard shortcuts to set options, eg the pane show/hide functionality, toggling tidy settings, etc.

This modest update fixes the file type issue. Balthisar Tidy will now attempt to open just about any file type, and you can choose to save any file type (whether or not it works is up to you).

I’ve also added the non-obvious feature of using the cursor (arrow) keys to cycle through the options in the Tidy options panel.

There are some other changes (see the changelog), too, but these two changes are the direct result of mwpdx’s comment. Leaving feedback is important! If you’re using Balthisar Tidy then please consider leaving a review on the App Store, and maybe your suggestions will be implemented. (And look for implementation of those other suggestions sometime in the near future.)

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