Command Line HTML Tidy for macOS

If you would like HTML Tidy for the command line, up-to-date installers can now be obtained from the HTML Tidy Project’s binaries web page.

Previously was building and hosting updated installers, but following HTACG’s milestone 5.0.0 release of HTML Tidy, HTACG has made the commitment to build and host macOS installers.

Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t macOS already include command line Tidy?

macOS has included command line Tidy since macOS 10.4. Until recently the HTML Tidy project had been de-prioritized by the W3C, and there had been no official releases since 2006. Consequentially, even today, macOS ships with a very outdated version of Tidy that’s not even capable of working with HTML5.

Output from tidy -v on macOS by default:

HTML Tidy for Mac OS X released on 31 October 2006 - Apple Inc. build 15.15

What’s been improved?

The most important difference, of course, is the HTML5 support. In addition to that we’ve incorporated a lot of community improvements such as as ARIA and ROLE attributes. Everything that Balthisar Tidy does vis-à-vis processing, HTML Tidy for the command line does, too.

Why do I need admin privileges to install? What changes are made to my system?

The installer will place tidy into /usr/local/bin and the man page into /usr/local/share/ which is where they properly belong. In addition they are supposed to be owned by the root user, and so the installer must ask for administrative access.

The installer does not overwrite the originals. Because of this it also adds and/or modifies your UNIX $PATH variable in .bash_profile to ensure the correct version of tidy is used by default. If you’re pedantic about your paths, you might want to edit the changes made by the installer.

Both HTML Tidy and the macOS Installer materials are open source, and their respective source code repositories are both located on HTACG’s GitHub site. HTML Tidy’s source code can be found on its GitHub repository, and the installer package and disk image materials for the Mac installer can be found in its own GitHub repository.

Is this installer signed?

Yes, it is signed with my Apple Developer Installer ID, and should work nicely with GateKeeper. Other contributing members of HTACG may sign future releases with their own developer certificates.

Is there parity between Balthisar Tidy and HTML Tidy for the command line?

Balthisar Tidy and Balthisar Tidy for Work are distributed via the Mac App Store, and are kept in parity with Balthisar Tidy distributed from this website. HTML Tidy is a simple Terminal application that experiences rapid development. Because the App Store release process is slow, it’s often the case that HTML Tidy will have some sort of improvements made to it versus Balthisar Tidy.

If there are any Earth-shattering changes, we will be sure to push the changes to the App Store as soon as possible.

And don’t forget, if you are a Balthisar Tidy for Work user, you can export your Tidy settings effortlessly for use with HTML Tidy, or for use with HTML Tidy on any other platform that it runs on.

Versions and Support

As HTML Tidy is primarily community-supported, bugs and other Tidy-specific issues should be reported to the official repository.