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Balthisar Tidy from source gives you new features

If you don’t mind building from source, then these latest changes to Balthisar Tidy might be of interest to you!


While there’s arguably no need for printing from Balthisar Tidy, I decided to implement it anyway just to maintain compatibility with the standard AppleScript suite.


Balthisar Tidy now has a fairly usable AppleScript ability. The Apple Standard Suite is supported as well as some developer features.


With the ability to control Balthisar Tidy via AppleScript, I’ve added a couple of proof-of-concept demonstration scripts.

  • Folder Action that can Tidy any document added to the folder or folders of your choice.
  • A batch script that makes up Balthisar Tidy’s current lack of a batch mode.

Coming soon to normal channels!

Even if you don’t want to build from source, don’t worry. All of these features will be available soon from both the packaged, website version of Balthisar Tidy and the App Store version, too!

22-August-2014 Note: These features are available if you build from source; they are also available in Balthisar Tidy for Work in the App Store.

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