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Balthisar Tidy 1.1.0 Released

This upgrade corrects several non-serious issues with 1.0.1 as well as adds some enhancements.

  • Keyboard shortcuts! You can cycle through the values in nearly every option with the left and right cursor keys while the options list is focused.
  • Now works with nearly any file type and extension.
  • First-run helper reworked to prevent annoying its users.
  • Auto-size the description for items in the list of Tidy options.
  • Description can be hidden or shown.
  • Changes to many of the Tidy options descriptions.
  • Pretty, styled descriptions of the Tidy options to increase legibility.
  • Removed extraneous menu items in the application menus.
  • Prevent automatic text substitutions in source editor.
  • Tidy properly Tidy’s new, blank documents.
  • Pasting into a new, blank document now properly Tidy’s immediately.
  • Fixed a crash related to messages table when a change to the HTML source fixes an error but doesn’t cause the Tidy’d document to change.
  • Fixed an issue where messages table didn’t update after saving a file.
  • New default font in editor views.
  • Existing preferences will be lost. Sorry, this is a one time occurrence. We changed a 12 year old preferences system into a modern one. We hope that a little bit of change after 12 years is acceptable.

It’s live on the site now; visit to get the latest copy.

If you’re already using Balthisar Tidy, then it should ask you to auto-update itself next time you use it.

And the update has been submitted to the App Store. If everything goes as expected, it should be available in just a few days.

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