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Social Media Sharing now live!

Due to popular demand, we’ve finally added social media sharing buttons to the website. We’re supporting the major social media networks, but we’ve also taken steps to ensure that our users’ web browsing habits are kept as confidential as possible by letting you choose which (if any) social media networks to enable on this site!

How did we do this? We’ve integrated Social Share Privacy into the website. This means that the different networks’ Javascripts aren’t even loaded until you enable the network that you want to share on. If the Javascript isn’t loaded, then your activities can’t be tracked.

If you want to share something with your social network, simply access the network on which you wish to share from the Sharing menu in our nice navigation bar. Select the network that you want to use and then click it once to enable it. Click it again to use in the way that you’re accustomed to. And if you see one or two items that are not disabled by default, don’t worry! Those items are always enabled because there’s no possibility that they’re tracking your activity until you use them.

Note, though, that blog posts on this website still load Disqus by default. You’ll have to set up something like Ghostery (or disable Javascript completely) if you’re worried about Disqus tracking you. The same goes for our use of Google AdSense ads and Google Analytics.

You can read more about our privacy policy on the Privacy page.

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