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Middlemac Makes Mac Help Easy

Middlemac is the new help building system for Mac OS X applications. It takes all of the frustration out of configuring Apple Helpbooks so that they work properly with your Mac applications, and features multiple target and multiple features support so that a single help codebase can be used to target multiple versions of your Mac application.

And of course, it’s free and open source.

As easy as…

./middlemac.rb all

That one terminal command can build all of your help targets, put them into the right Xcode project directory, and make them ready for Xcode to build into your application.


Although you have to be on a Mac to build the final product so that the Apple help indexer can run, you can do the bulk of your help file development on both Mac and Linux.

Uses Proven Technology

Middlemac is powered by Middleman, the static website generator behind hundreds of websites and blogs. Middlemac extends its functionality to bring you a tool uniquely suitable for creating Mac OS X .help bundles. It will increase your productivity whether you are targeting a single version of your application or a hundred.

Production Ready

Middlemac was developed to build the help system for all three versions of Balthisar Tidy.

Get it now

Middlemac is available from its github project page.

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