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Tidy for Mac OS X 2015-02-23 Available

Tidy for the command line (what we call Tidy for Mac OS X) is available for download immediately. This is absolutely free and done as a service to the Mac OS X community and is not related to Balthisar Tidy.

As usual it comes on a disk image that contains a developer-ID signed installer package. This means that it will install without any hassle from GateKeeper.

The biggest change to Tidy for Mac OS X is that it's not from my personal fork, but comes from the new HTACG organization, which has assumed modern development of HTML Tidy. You can check out their/our development repository on HTACG's Github repository. And this isn't some random, little fork: HTACG works directly with the W3C, and has taken over development of the W3C Tidy repository (now redirects to their/our repository).

(Why do I keep writing “their/our”? That's a topic that I’ll write about in a day or two.)

Although this “version 4.9.15” is pre-release of a pre-release (5.0.0 is promised within a couple of weeks), you will find that it’s much more capable than than the HTML Tidy that comes pre-installed on your Mac. In fact, it’s even handles some situations that Balthisar Tidy doesn’t currently handle (but don’t worry, there's an update in store for Balthisar Tidy, too).

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