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Balthisar Tidy 4.0.0 Released

Great news, everybody! Balthisar Tidy and Balthisar Tidy for Work version 4.0 are now available, and they offer W3C Validation built right into the application.

Grab one of them now:

Although the change log has all of the details, major highlights include:

  • The ability to validate your document directly from Balthisar Tidy using your choice of W3C Nu HTML Checker, the official validator of the World Wide Web Consortium. Use the built-in, lightning fast version, or the version of your choice on a local network or the internet.
  • Updated to HTML Tidy 5.7.16, brining numerous fixes.
  • Introduced some tasteful animations when hiding panels and changing source text orientation. They look nice and make Balthisar Tidy a bit more modern.
  • An all new Apple Help Book using Apple’s latest and greatest technologies. You know that Balthisar Tidy has a full and complete help system, right? Be sure to look for it in the Help menu.

As always, thanks for your support of Balthisar Tidy for all of these years, going back to 2002!

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