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HTML Tidy for Mac OS X Released

Happy New Year 2015! I wish you will and hope that your year will be off to a good start with the release of Tidy for Mac OS X.

This is not a release announcement for a new version of Balthisar Tidy. Instead I am pleased to announce that I’ve packaged and released a new, modern version of the venerable UNIX tidy tool for Mac OS X.

Tidy for Mac OS X adds the same version of the Tidy engine to Mac OS X 10.8 and above that Balthisar Tidy uses internally. If you value your command line workflow, don’t limit yourself to the 2006 version that came pre-installed on your Mac; get the latest and greatest version with all of the important community updates.

Download it now or read more about this exciting news on the new HTML Tidy for Mac OS X page.

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