Mac binaries available from HTACG

Wow! It’s been a long time since updating this blog, but I’ve been busy with HTACG, the HTML Tidy project, and designing and implementing body in white production facilities for my employer (this is the activity that pays the bills).

This article headline might have also included the kicker:

balthisar.com to stop distributing HTML Tidy binaries

…but I regarded that as a possibly alarming statement that Balthisar Tidy were being discontinued, which is not the case.

For just about a year I built and signed binary installer packages for Mac OS X version of the command line (terminal version) of HTML Tidy as a service to the Macintosh Tidy-using community. Although Tidy is built-in to Mac OS X, its last update was in 2006, meaning that it’s sorely out of date and cannot manage even the simplest of HTML5.

However I will continue to build and sign binaries for HTACG, and they’re already available on Tidy’s binaries page starting at version 5.0.0.

Balthisar Tidy isn’t required, and so if you’d like to update to the latest version of the built-in tool, feel free to read more about it here.

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