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Balthisar Tidy on Github has new features

I’ll package it soon after some more testing, but if you’re interested in some new features in Balthisar Tidy, then build it from the source on Github.

File Encoding Helper

File encoding had been a major issue for the 0.70 release. As you may know, Balthisar Tidy uses Mac OS X’ file encoding methods instead of those built into TidyLib that I depend on. Unfortunately the 0.70 update broke all file encoding completely. Upon fixing it for the current 0.72 release, it became apparent that even when working properly it’s not very user-friendly. When Tidy is set for a particular input-encoding type, and the user opens a file that’s encoded differently, the Source HTML panel could appear blank. The current master branch on Github now attempts to notice that condition and provides a chance for the user to allow a different, possibly better, file encoding right away.

This new behavior can be disabled in the new preferences panel.

First-Run Helper

While wanting to address user-friendliness I made some additions that are apparent the first time Balthisar Tidy is run. Up until now, starting Tidy results in a window that new users may not know what to do with. The latest changes provide a very quick description of the various parts of Balthisar Tidy’s interface. If you’ve already been using Balthisar Tidy, you probably won’t see this new behavior unless you tell Tidy to reset its first-run behavior in the new preferences panel.


Like a lot of people, you probably don’t want to build from source, and that’s okay. In order to avoid another debacle like the 0.70 release, though, I’m going to continue to test for several more days before packing for shipment. If you want the new version, check back soon!

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