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Balthisar Tidy for Work 3.7.1 Now Available

One of the community pointed out that the sample BBEdit AppleScripts for Balthisar Tidy for Work had stopped working with the 3.7.0 release (thanks, Bill). This new release of 3.7.1 addresses this issue.

The Mac App Store should notify you shortly that the update is available, and if you have automatic updates turned on, you'll receive it shortly. As always, you can find the update in the App Store manually right here:

At this time there’s no 3.7.1 update for Balthisar Tidy, as this is an AppleScript-only fix, and only the “for Work” version was affected. If you don’t require AppleScript and a couple of other premium features, always remember that Balthisar Tidy is free, and you can get them from one of these two locations:

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