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Tidy 0.72 fixes file encoding issue

I was proud of the changes that I’d made to Balthisar Tidy in the long, long, long awaited 0.70 release, especially some of those to fix some file encoding issues. How embarrassing that these changes were broken and didn’t work at all.

I’ve just posted 0.72 which introduces a fix to this two-pronged issue. Balthisar Tidy will now properly save to the encoding format of your choice, as long as your Tidy’d document can be saved in that format (so, no two-byte characters saved to a seven bit encoding, for example).

Likewise, Balthisar Tidy won’t completely fail to open files that aren’t some type of UTF. Note, though, that until I can do some basic re-engineering and introduce some automated encoding sniffing, you’re still responsible for knowing what the input-encoding should be. The easiest thing to do is set the default in Tidy’s preferences so they’ll open automatically. Otherwise, you can open documents without setting this preference, but in some cases Tidy’s source text will appear blank until you select the correct input-encoding in the document window.

Now is a good time to consider adopting a complete UTF8 workflow, while you’re at it. Balthisar Tidy will, of course, continue to support all Mac OS X file encodings, but they’re a thing of the past. Simply adopt UTF8 now to avoid future issues with lots and lots of software.

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